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1998-05-08 07:40:33


Protecting Your Family Is a Righteous Thing to Do



This letter to the editor of WORLD, a Christian magazine, is from the owner of a company that does mainframe computer y2k repairs. He says that y2k is worse than the doomsayers say.

The letter was in response to the editor's musings on y2k.

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As the owner of a mainframe programming company doing Y2K Cobol conversion and compliancy, and a servant of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I must respectfully disagree with your stance in the editorial "The Y2K opportunity." As someone involved in the "trenches" fixing date fields, let me assure you the problem is worse than the doomsayers predict. I am concerned the Christian community fails to see the magnitude of the coming judgment on our gods of technology, science, wealth, and security. Woe is me if I listen to the wisdom of man about how the Lord would have me prepare for a crisis. Am I to use the information I have been given by God to protect my family? Can I minister the love of Jesus if I myself am unprepared and devastated? I will prepare and stand and proclaim Christ as King in this coming crisis. Will you be able to? --David Jeffers Fort Worth, Texas


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