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1998-05-11 21:05:03


Airline Industry's Seminar on Problems. No Published Answers



It is nice to see that the International Airline Transport Association has a list of problems that must be dealt with in order for the industry to survive.

It is good that they held a conference in April to discuss these problems.

It is a shame that there are no compliant segments of the industry anywhere on earth. Some examples of real-world successes would surely help the others.

It would be nice if IATA had updated this page on its Web site, since it has so few.

It would be nice to know what plausible solutions have been implemented by the entire industry.

It would be nice . . . but none of it exists.

But there is still time for several more conferences to discuss these issues. "Make your reservations now, while a reservation system still exists!"

* * * * * * *

IATA’s annual Information Management conference will be held in Dubai on 26-29 April 1998. This year’s programme will feature a one-day Executive Seminar devoted to the business issues associated with the Year 2000. The session objectives and content are summarised below; for further details, including registration information, please Click Here (

Staying in Business through the Millennium

The Year 2000 date change problem potentially poses one of the most serious threats to survival for many companies. Unlike more traditional business issues such as competition, product acceptance and quality, the scope of the problem is all-pervasive and, in some cases, the impact unpredictable. Originally considered to be a technical issue for the IT department to resolve, it is now recognised as a critical element at the heart of the corporate business agenda.

This seminar analyses the key strategic issues associated with the Year 2000 and identifies approaches to enable companies to manage the problem in a co-ordinated and practical manner.

Session 1: Business Continuity - Operating through the date change. . . .

Session 2: Year 2000 and the law - is litigation inevitable? . . .

Session 3: A Question of cover - Insurance and the Millennium. . . .

Session 4: Perception is Everything - Managing Customer Confidence. . . .

Session 5 - I’m OK, You’re OK - Year 2000 Compliance and Business Partners. . . .

Session 6: Compliance in the Air - the Manufacturer’s Viewpoint. . . .

Session 7: Testing the System - Making the Year 2000 happen Today. . . .

Session 8: Staying in Business - Panel Discussion


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