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1998-05-13 15:16:55


16 Out of 68 State Agencies in Georgia Submit Y2K Plans



Gov. Zell Miller is not happy with compliance in Georgia. On March 1, every state agency was to have submitted its y2k repair plans. Only 16 agencies did.

The agencies are taking the universal bureaucratic response to bad news. Hunker down. Then delay. Wait to see if negative sanctions are imposed.

"What, me worry?" That's denial. It afflicts most people.

If y2k is really bad, the bureaucrats can't fix it. Why bother to respond? If it's not all that bad, the bureaucrats don't need to try to fix it.

Hence, silence.

This is from ACCESS ATLANTA (May 13).

* * * * * * * * * *

Gov. Zell Miller called state department heads together Tuesday to scold them for falling down on the job of preparing for the year 2000 computer problem and to warn them of mounting pressure on the state's finances. . . .

State agencies were expected to submit by March 1 plans to reprogram their computers, but Miller said only 16 of 68 departments had done so.

The state has allocated $152 million toward rewriting all its computer software programs so that years are represented by four digits. Until recently, the software industry routinely represented a year by using only the final two digits, so 1998 was simply "98."

Programs running state computers that still rely on the old system will crash in 2000, Miller said.


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