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1998-05-13 18:29:34


Y2K Tests Crash Power Companies Every Time



The news could not be worse. But it can get worse when this is confirmed.

This is from NETLY NEWS (May 13).

* * * * * * * *

The good news: Computers in securities firms and brokerages will survive the perilous transition to 1-1-00. The bad news? There may be no electricity to power them. At a breakfast briefing today, an industry representative assured about 80 congressional aides that securities companies were in excellent health. . . . Speaking last was David Hall, an embedded-systems consultant at Cara Corporation, who warned of power outages. "Every test I have seen done on an electrical power plant has caused it to shut down. Period. I know of no plant or facility investigated to this date that has passed without Y2K problems," he said. Added Hall: "Things like this come out and the mass media gets ahold of it -- you're going to have shortages because of panic. How to communicate this to the public needs to be addressed." It's a little late now.


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