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1998-05-14 07:07:16


U.S. Government to Launch an Awareness Campaign



American small businessmen are unaware of the Year 2000 Problem. That's why the Department of Commerce is preparing to launch a series of awareness seminars.

You visit my site regularly. You're aware. You're at risk if you live in a city. You may be in denial, but at least you're aware of y2k. What this report means is that most U.S. businessmen aren't. They have not begun to address the problem.

There is no Fortune 1000 firm that has solved it, yet most have been aware since 1995 (some earlier) and have had projects in gear since 1996. It is too late for awareness.

This government money is money down a rat hole. But that's business as usual.

Notice Con. Morelas's warning: noncompliant businesses will be locked out of the system. She understands the problem of shared data. But, I ask: Locked out by whom? Locked out of all systems? If not, locked oiu of which systems? With what effect on the economy?

This is from USA TODAY (May 12).

* * * * * * * * *

ROCKVILLE, Md. - The Clinton administration will help the nation's small manufacturers fight the millennium bug, Commerce Secretary William Daley said Monday.

Commerce field personnel will hold a series of seminars to inform small businesses of the risks and possible solutions to the Year 2000 computer glitch. . . .

Rep. Connie Morella, R-Md., urged quick testing of the solutions because the glitch could drive some smaller firms out of business.

''They will not be allowed to interface with other entities where the computers are in compliance. If they do, there could be a crash of one of the computers,'' Morella said.


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