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1998-05-14 10:34:35


Taking Care of Your Family Comes First


This was posted on Peter de Jager's forum.

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Date: Tue, 05 May 1998

I can work hard -- even overtime -- to ensure that my company is Y2K compliant (at this point, I believe Fedex will largely succeed). Furthermore, my wife & I have contacted our Congressman, bank, local utilities (we will tour the water and wastewater treatment plants this week), local business people, friends and family. But that does not diminish my responsibility to my family for our safety. Therefore, we are looking at property in the country, and if we feel it is warranted (evaluated in Fall of 1999) I will take three weeks vacation in late December so that we are out of the big city.

I want to contribute to the solution, but I am not responsible for management, CEO and bureaucrat's poor decisions which have delayed Y2K resolution. Mr. Yourdon closed up shop and moved to New Mexico because he felt New York City might become unlivable. Is he a "nut case" who you would not trust to code your Y2K solutions? I think not. He has evaluated the threat as best possible, and taken what actions he deems appropriate.

To create better press, I would also like a more balanced view, depicting the heroes, but also including a basic, but clear outline of steps for personal contingency plans which included:

1. Food -- have a few months (years?) of food on hand.

2. Water -- have water for several months (or the tools to gather and filter).

3. Finance -- do not have all your assets tied up in banks and investments. Have several thousand dollars on hand in cash.

4. Shelter -- Can you stay warm and cook in your present home if the power fails in the middle of the winter?

5. Security -- organize neighborhood watches, buy a firearm, or do whatever you feel appropriate to ensure physical security for your family.

6. ???????? -- what other basic needs must your provide that might not be readily available.

-- Richard T. Blackburn, Sr. Prog. Analyst

Federal Express Corp., SMS/USC

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