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1998-05-18 08:51:34


Indianapolis Schools Face Y2K Crisis



Day after day, we find more noncompliant systems. Who will pay to fix all of them? What will we wind up paying in 2000 and beyond if these systems are not fixed?

They won't be fixed.

This is from the INDIANAPOLIS STAR (May 17).

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INDIANAPOLIS (May 17, 1998) -- From computer-regulated school bells and food-ordering schedules to payroll distributions, retirement calculations, telephones and classroom equipment, Pike Township Schools are vulnerable to disaster on Jan. 1, 2000, consultants have warned the School Board.

The district also is at risk through links to such institutions as government funding agencies, banks and vendors, all of which have to make their computers distinguish the year 2000 from 1900.

Consultants from Terasys Inc. of Naperville, Ill., reported to the board Thursday night on their two-month assessment of the district's vulnerability to "Year 2000" glitches.

Gary Beimler said the district's problems begin with the software that operates its financial and personnel transactions and urged the board to adopt a plan that will head off trouble. . . .

Beimler and Terasys study director Dan Miech said the scope of the school district's concerns is illustrated by its food service. They said vendors rely heavily on computers for placement of orders, monitoring of expiration dates, storage of perishable foods at appropriate temperatures, packing and routing of trucks and billing. . . .

Superintendent Eric Witherspoon said the potential cost for the district is at least "tens of thousands of dollars."


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