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1997-01-21 00:00:00


Countdown: Second-by-Second Clock



Here's a Year 2000 clock that reminds us how long we have to go. Then substract at least a year to get ourselves set. We have to deal first with the question of our geography. Then we must deal with the question of our sources of income. These will not be small matters if the banks go down or the railroads go blind or both.

If you are upset with managers who delayed too long to get this thing fixed, thereby placing you at risk, don't delay too long in getting your own personal situation fixed. If you are tempted to delay or deny, think of what managers of computer-dependent companies were tempted with.

The game of "let's pretend" must end for anyone who expects to be able to cope successfully with the Year 2000 Problem. Your solution begins with a recognition that the clock is ticking. The deadline is set.


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