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1998-05-18 17:49:42


Navy Has Not Completed Its Inventory (1% of a Y2K Repair)



The U.S. Navy has not finished its inventory of systems yet.

The California White Paper says that awareness is the first 1% of a y2k repair project. Inventory is the next 1%.

You figure it out: 100% - 2% = ??%

Testing takes 40% to 70% of a project's resources.

The Navy will have to assess its systems after November. Then it must correct code. Then it must test. Then it must correct the code again when failures take place. Then it must test again. And so on. Then it must install the new system.

Then the Department of Defense has to see if all of the newly corrected systems fit: Army, Navy, Air Force. Then it must see if all of the other outside systems are compliant. Then it must see if the compliant outside systems integrate with the Department of Defense's.

Then the IRS and the banks better still be functioning, or else all of the Defense Department's efforts will be worth nothing.

My site is considered extreme. It is called a doomsayer's site. I guess it's because I keep asking the question that has to be answered in the negartive: "How can all of the world's interconnected systems be fixed, tested, and installed by December 31, 1999?"

This is from FEDERAL COMPUTER WEEK (May 18).

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But a Pentagon source said the DIST classification has slowed efforts across DOD to complete an inventory of all of the agency's information systems and the systems' corresponding Year 2000 problems. The inventory was originally due in March.

Szafran said it may take the Navy until November to complete its inventory -- just a little more than a year before 2000.


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