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1998-05-22 09:02:49


Patent Filed for Y2K Silver Bullet: 18 Months to Process



Now here's a silver bullet story! The silver bullet is so simple that anyone could think of it, say the discoverers, a couple from Sweden. So, they have patented it. They are not divulging the secret. The patent will take at least 18 months to process. That means it will be ready to be marketed in December, 1999, at the earliest.

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Swedish couple Lisa From and Arne Sandgren have put their breakthrough idea in front of government experts who support their claim that their method works. The idea apparently deals with the way dates are stored in databases, enabling some kind of automatic conversion. Now the problem: They have filed for a patent and want a big company to adopt the idea - details of which have not been disclosed. They are being extremely cautious, because their idea is apparently so obvious that it could easily be copied. The patent application will take at least 18 months to two years to process.


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