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1997-06-10 00:00:00


Prudential Insurance Gets Rolling: June 2, 1997



The Prudential Insurance Company has hired an outside code repair firm to repair its 13 million lines of code and validate the year 2000-compliance of an additional 8 million lines. This covers only Prudential's Health Care Group.

Prudential is the largest life insutance company in the United States. It is one of the largest financial institutions on earth. It has over 50 million customers.

What if Prudential doesn't make the deadline? What if all the warnings of 1995 were wrong: "If you don't start in 1995, you won't make it"? What if all those warnings in 1996 were wrong: "If you don't start in 1996, you won't make it"?

Naturally, I wish Prudential the best. Too bad Prudential has to be paid by check. If the world's banks don't fix their problem, Prudential might as well not bother.


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