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1998-05-23 15:16:07


No Problem for Army Computers, Says Official



Mirial Browning says that the U.S. Army has no insurmountable problem with y2k.

She calls herself a Y2K optimist. That is like calling Richard Simmons a weight-loss enthusiast.

This is from FEDERAL COMPUTER WEEK (April 27).

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VAIL, Colo. -- The Army does not face any "major crises" in fixing Year 2000 date problems in its computer systems on time, according to Miriam Browning, the Army's director of information management.

"I'm an optimist on Y2K," Browning said in a speech here at the semiannual Program Status Review conference held by the Army Small Computer Program office.

The Army should be able to fix computer systems that are embedded in weapons as well as standard Army management information systems, Browning said. The Army also expects to take care of interfaces between Army systems to ensure that any data corrupted by the millennium bug does not pass from one system to another.

But Browning said he was worried about Year 2000 problems in interfaces between Defense Department systems and those operated by civilian agencies, such as the Federal Aviation Administration and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.


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