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1998-05-23 15:37:08


British Health Care: 10% to 15% of Trusts Report No Confidence



The National Health Service is still looking for a solution to y2k. The bad news just keeps coming.

This is from VNU Business.

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UK national health service systems were placed on the critical list by a government auditor this week, after health trusts warned that clinical equipment may not be fixed in time for the millennium.

The warning came in a National Audit Office (NAO) survey, and has sparked calls for more NHS funds.

However the government has continued to insist that the bug be fixed from existing budgets, which some fear could affect patient services.

The NAO said that 15 per cent of NHS trusts "were not confident" of their clinical equipment functioning normally in 2000. One in 10 NHS trusts was "not confident" that its computer systems would make the grade.

Despite these statistics, the government has confirmed it will not provide any extra money to assist with fixing Year 2000 bugs. . . .

In response to the report, the NHS Executive told trusts and health authorities that Year 2000 is the "highest non-clinical priority".


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