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1998-05-23 21:07:11


Too Late to Start, Says Y2K Specialist



Any company starting its y2k project now will not complete it, says a specialist who works in the field.

Some 60% of a companies systems will be corrected, at most. Take away 40% of a company's operations, and you can say goodbye to that company. He doesn't say this, but it's obvious. Well, it should be. But it's so painful that no one will say it.

This is from the IRISH TIMES (April 3).

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Many organisations worldwide still seem to view the Year 2000 problem as an issue they'll eventually get around to, and believe the key issues are being solved for them.

But Mr Cliff Murphy, manager of Digital's European Year 2000 Competency Centre in Dublin, emphasises that this is not the case. "It is actually a quite serious crisis. The experts are now saying it's too late for companies to do anything in time for 2000," he says. "Now they have to look at prioritising to get just the essential applications done. We're now talking about a damage limitation exercise."

Analysts estimate that companies which are just beginning to work on the problem will only be able to get to 60 per cent of systems and software ready before January 1st, 2000.


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