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1998-05-27 18:43:10


Y2K as Ebola: The Re-infection Problem



Assume that some government agency gets its computers compliant. (Please, bear with me. Of course it's preposterous. But I'm making another point.)

What does it do when it communicates with a noncompliant computer? It gets noncompliant real fast.

This is why y2k is a systemic problem. It cannot be fixed. All talk of fixing it is a charade.

This is from Westergaard's Site (May 27). The author is Victor Porlier.

* * * * * * * *

The 12th Annual Government Technology Conference - West met in Sacramento for five days of meetings from May 11th to 15th. A broad array of information technology topics was covered with several sessions devoted to Y2K. These sessions were well attended, indicating that awareness, concern, and need for information is growing among government IT workers.

I found that no one -- speakers or listeners-- was dismissing the seriousness of Y2K as hype or scaremongering. But, most of the speakers were more optimistic than their audiences. I spoke to a couple dozen attendees. All were sufficiently disturbed at the Y2K prospects to say that they would not be coming in to work on Saturday, January 1, 2000, because they planned to be far out of town. . . .

3. Electronic Data Interchanges (EDI) "The whole world has been running a marathon to seamless integration of all data systems. Now a non-compliant system will become a digital Ebola to any compliant one it contacts. We don't have worldwide standards for either compliance or test strategies."

Another conference participant added: "Even where we are starting to get a handle on internal systems integration testing, no one has even started to think through external testing in our agency."


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