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1998-05-27 23:49:02


Nothing to Worry About, Says Journalist (Feb., 1997)



The no-problem people were never numerous. It was easier for them back in early 1997. My Web site had only just begun. The government was paying no attention. Congressman Horn had not issued his report cards. A display of bravado -- "no big problem" -- was risk-free.

Not many people are willing to risk it any more -- not in public, anyway. But for a time, it seemed fashionable. Besides, there was hardly anyone out there paying attention.

This is still on C/NET's site (Feb. 26, 1997). It's called, "millennium bug, schmillennium bug!" The inquiry was as serious as the title. The first paragraph reveals its content and style. You can click through if you want any more.

* * * * * * * * *

The list of legitimate things to fear about the year 2000 is daunting: the choosing of a cabinet for the Quayle administration, nonprescription Prozac, the Beatles' Anthology 14: The Ringo Sessions--plus all the apocalypse-freaks who missed out on Waco will be performing random sacrifices on the streets. But the threat that computers won't be able to handle the year-number rollover to 2000? This is not glowing too hot on my radar screen.


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