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1998-05-29 08:44:01


Compaq Challenged; Had Claimed 2000-Compliance



Compaq Computers is the target of a complaint before the British advertising authority. Compaq had advertised that its computers are 2000-compliant. ProveIt, a British software form that markets 2000-compliance software, has challenged Compaq for false advertising.

There is a myth that all PC's manufactured after 1996 are compliant. It is now mid-1998. There is still some question that any PC model is fully compliant.

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A United Kingdom firm that makes software fixing the Year 2000 bug said today that it has filed a complaint against Compaq Computer with the U.K. advertising standards body over claims by the PC maker that its machines are fully prepared for the millennium.

Prove It 2000 made its official complaint to the U.K. Advertising Standards Authority after an advertisement in the British newspaper London Daily Mail on May 14. The ad urged customers to use Compaq machines because its products passed millennium compliance tests, according to the London company.

Richard Coppel, chief executive of Prove It 2000, said his company's tests show that Compaq's PCs do not pass Year 2000 tests for many functions, particularly the workings of the internal real-time clock.

"If a Compaq machine is left on during the century change, the BIOS rolls over correctly, but the real-time clock does not," he said.


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