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1998-05-29 12:44:25


Mobil: Still in the Inventory Phase



Mobil Oil, like Texaco, is still in the inventory phase.

The California White Paper says that awareness is 1%, inventory is 1%, and assessment is 5%. Then comes the rest of the job.

Mobil says it will be ready for testing in late 1998. So does Texaco.

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Process controls are the automated equipment including hardware and software systems which run operational activities at our refineries, lube plants, pipelines, platforms or our office buildings. The Y2K process control group is currently working with business unit site coordinators in conducting a comprehensive inventory of process control systems in Mobil's world wide facilities. During the inventory process the site coordinators are tasked with determining 1) the state of readiness for all field devices, and 2) the criticality of each item to the particular facility and business unit operation. Upon completion of inventory, results of vendor control system compliance testing will be validated and any item which is determined to be non-compliant will be corrected. . .

The completion target for the critical program of application repair work is December 31,1998, thereby providing sufficient time to handle unforeseen contingencies and respond to external Y2K problems which jointly affect Mobil and our business partners.


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