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1998-05-30 21:44:57


We Need Faith in Ourselves, Not in God


This was posted on Peter de Jager's discussion forum. I have decided to add no comments. This one speaks for itself.

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Hi everyone:

I wanted to comment some on the religious angle of the year 2000. This has actually been downplayed because of the computer problem, but the same thing happened a thousand years ago. It just makes many people think of apocolyptic things. I had an e-mail at my aol address from a person who thinks that every single chip ever made is going to fail come 2000 because we stole the secret for computers from the UFO that crashed outside Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. I mentioned that it was interesting that the aliens would use our calendar system to program their chips before they crashed, but I didn't convince him.

Now we might be in for a hard time here. There might be all kinds of problems and dislocations, but remember, Americans are really, really good at pulling together and dealing with problems. We are good at helping others. We have actually turned helping others into a kind of national duty, although we argue a lot about what kind of help is best to give.

It usually isn't the religious leaders who are in the forefront. It is our regular political leaders, the ones we elected to congress and our local city hall, and that includes the cop on the corner. We usually know what to do to help, and with a little guidance we can get going with it.

We don't really need faith in dealing with this problem. We have faith enough. We just need some assurance.

We can do this, and we can do it pretty well. We are very creative and inventive and can when something breaks we can usually think of two or three other ways to get something done.

Computers are really neat and do some things awesomely well. But when push comes to shove, remember that when we put our faith in people, it makes us stronger.


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