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1998-06-01 09:28:44


Army's Contingency Plans Due June 1



The U.S. Army has a deadline: June 1, 1998. On this day (today) all Army units must have their y2k contingency plans done.

Somehow, I think this deadline will be missed.

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The U.S. Army isn't taking any chances in its battle against the millennium bug. System mangers have until June 1 to develop a contigency plan in case the Year 2000 problem isn't fixed in time.

"[The plan] will be different for every system," says spokeswoman Miriam Browing. "It is a combination of not only technical fixes, but operational fixes as well," Browning, who works in the office of the director of information systems for command, control, communications and computers, told Defense Daily in a recent interview. . . .

Browning said other options if systems falter may include: buying commercial software; shutting off a system's digital components and operating it manually; or contracting out vital computer work. The bottom line, she said, is to create contingency plans so operational readiness will not be jeopardized.

More importantly, Browning said, there will be no additional funding for Y2K contingency plans. She said the dollars to pay for possibly buying new software or contracting out services must be allocated from within the existing Army budget. . . .

Source: Defense Daily


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