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1998-06-02 07:37:06


New Zealand Report Warns of Breakdown in Services



New Zealand's Auditor-General has issued a report warning of breakdowns in local public utilities in 2000.

He says that half of the nation's local communities have yet to make an inventory of systems at risk.

This is from THE PRESS (June 1).

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WELLINGTON -- Communities could face "immediate and severe" problems with water supplies, sewerage systems and even traffic lights, if computer systems fail because of the millennium bug, the Auditor-General says.

The Year 2000 bug could also hit local-authority payroll and rating systems and those used to issue consents and licences and for financial planning.

The problems could extend to local authority-owned trading enterprises such as port or energy companies. The failure of those systems could affect operations and financial performance and ultimately the returns to the local authorities.

In his latest report Auditor-General David Macdonald says barely half of all local authorities have checked what systems could be at risk of a computer meltdown because of the Year 2000 bug. . . .

The Auditor-General's office has refused to detail which local authorities have made checks and which have not. The survey was done at the end of last year.


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