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1998-06-02 08:59:13


European Commission Forms a Committee



The European Commission -- read: centralized international bureaucracy -- has a solution to the y2k problem. It has formed a committee. This committee will provide synergy.

Yes, synergy. That will solve y2k. Lots and lots of synergy.

It will facilitate. We desperately need facilitation, and we will get it.

The committee will also liaise. Yes, dummy, liaise. You know: as in liaison. (French verbal imports are always a bit clunky, sil vous plait, which is not pronounced the way it looks -- like Chevrolet, which also has a y2k problem.)

There will also be periodic fora. A bunch of periodic fora. No, you dolt, not seasonal flowers. That's flora. I'm talking about fora. Don't you know anything? Fora the plural of forum.

Bureaucrats think they can solve problems with words. They indulge in word magic.

They won't solve y2k with words.

* * * * * * * *


The European Commission is repairing its own systems.

The European Commission is a user and procurer of IT systems. As such it has, for the Year 2000, a primary responsibility for ensuring the survivability of its own internal systems upon which its proper functioning depends. An interservice task force has been established by the Commission services to address the impact on internal systems of both the Year 2000 and the changeover to the Euro and work is in progress. In view of the importance of the issue, this will be now steered by a working group chaired at the highest level in the Commission services. . . .

support synergies between national and sectoral initiatives


Periodic fora will be hosted to which those responsible for Year 2000 campaigns in Member States or European associations will be invited. The objectives include to report about the progress of the campaigns and the state of preparedness of countries or sectors; to exchange experience suitable for cross-border exploitation; to discuss specific issues, such as cross-border infrastructures-and international aspects. Specific measures directed towards vulnerable groups such as SMEs will be a particular focus of interest.

To encourage and facilitate the exchange of information and experience across borders among existing and new Year 2000 awareness and action initiatives undertaken by Member States and European associations, with a view to identifying how synergies can be established to reduce duplication of efforts and increase the overall impact.

liaise with supervisors and regulators

To liaise with the European and international organisations that are responsible for regulating or supervising infrastructural sectors with significant cross-border effects (finance, telecommunications, energy, transportation) in order to exchange information about the respective activities and identify where cooperation may be required. An area of particular concern is the planning and implementation of coordinated cross-border testing activities in those sectors that are likely to involve organisations in different Member States. The Commission will initiate discussions between relevant organisations and Member States.


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