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1998-06-03 08:05:52


A Handy Litmus Test to Identify Y2K Skeptics



This list of personal action steps is good for people who say y2k will be "a problem." It allows them to put their money where their mouths are.

Anyone who says "y2k will be a problem," but who is unwilling to do what this soft-core minimial list suggests, is faking it. He is really saying, "y2k will NOT be a problem."

Use this list to hand to the typical skeptic who dismisses the problem by saying it will be "a problem." Ask the person to check off which things he has done personally to prepare for the problem. If he hands it back unchecked, he's a true-blue skeptic masquerading as a "concerned citizen."

This is from the Cassandra Project. This statement introduces it: "The following preparation information is based on worst-case scenario." That's really sad. This list is pretty close to my best-case scenario.

The worst-case scenario is the failure of the world's power grids and the death of 5/6ths of the West's population, most of which is concentrated in cities.

Worst-case scenario? You write it down. Here is the premise: the Los Angeles basin is without electricity, and therefore without water, for 60 days. (You don't need to go 60 months or 60 years; 60 days will do it.) Sit down and make a list of what happens and how fast. Suggestion: think "assets." For example, "swimming pools." Now ask yourself: "Who will own most of them 30 days after the power goes off? 60 days?" Here is a list of things to consider. Create your own scenario:

Food supplies

Police protection

Public health

Yuppie neighborhood solidarity

Routes out of the region

The number of cars

Rumors and communications


The price of guns

I am regarded as a doomsayer, yet all I do is suggest that the power grids could go down. No one has suggested why this cannot happen. The evidence points to noncompliance on the part of all power generating stations and the distribution system in the United States.

I am a doomsayer because I have looked at the evidence.

You should look at the evidence, too.


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