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1997-06-18 00:00:00


Get Started Fixing It Now! (1997 version)



The proof that this thing cannot be fixed is that year after year, the press publishes artiucles like this one: "Get started now." If it was time to get started in 1995 (or earlier), why isn't it too late now?

We will see such artcles posted right up until the systems start shutting down.

This is why the subject does not register. If it's so easy to fix today, when warnings in 1995 said it was almost too late to get started, then why believe the warnings now?

This is why all discussion of the benefits of public "awareness" as anything of value is nonsense. Awareness today is as good as awareness of an incoming ICBM missile. It's too late to take cover, too late to design an anti-missile defense. Whether it's an ICBM or an IBM, it's too late. The Bug cannot be fixed.


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