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1998-06-08 17:15:59


17,000 of DoD's 88,000 Communications System Are Noncompliant



The Department of Defense has a lot of problems. But if its communications systems don't work, it will have a whole lot more problems.

If 17,000 don't work, and 18,000 haven't been tested, the DoD had better start planning for extra problems.

In charge of the coordinatuon of the entire repair is a team. Guess how many people are on this team? Remember this is the department of Defense.

Well, I'm not going to tell you. You'll have to click to the original article.

Get ready for a surprise!

This is from the NETLY NEWS (June 4).

* * * * * * *

Of all the federal agencies bumbling through Y2K fixes, the Department of Defense is in particularly poor health. Repairs of the most vital computer systems were just 9 percent complete as of this spring -- though the Pentagon began Y2K planning in 1995. More optimistic projections predict the Defense Department will finish its Y2K work in 2002. . . .

About 120 of the Army's 376 most vital information and weapons systems need to be fixed and have not been revamped yet. Worse yet, 17,000 of 88,000 military communications systems aren't century-savvy (and 18,000 still have to be tested).


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