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1998-06-08 17:37:09


Asian Nations Are Far Behind



Asia is not ready for y2k.

This is from the TIMES OF INDIA (June 2).

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TOKYO: Like the time zones that divide the vastness of Asia, the region's nations are at different stages of preparing for the millennium bomb that could strike computers in 2000.

Analysts say that while Japan and South Korea appear to have the situation under control, less developed nations like China have much to do. . . .

CHINA AND SOUTH-EAST ASIA LAGS BEHIND: ``China is at least 12 to 18 months behind where they should be at this stage,'' said Edward C Lanfranco, senior analyst at China Research Corp, a market research firm focused on information technology and telecommunications in China.

An official at China's Shanghai Stock Exchange said the bourse had yet to take any preparatory steps and the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), the stock market watchdog, has only recently began to consider the issue.

Thailand is far too late in addressing the problem and the country will need around 10 billion baht to get rid of the bug, semi-government National Electronics and Computer Technology Centre (NECTEC) director Pairash Thajchayapong said. ``There were warnings several years ago on the issue, but no one seems to pay serious attention and people keep on procrastinating,'' Mr Pairash said in a recent TV interview.

In Malaysia, most companies are also not prepared for the problem, and the government has set up a task force and launched a project team to maintain a registry of millennium compliant companies. . . .

A survey by the Singapore Federation of Computer Industry (SFCI) of some 2,000 firms last year showed that only 60 per cent thought they would be affected, with the financial sector most concerned and transport firms least worried.

According to a report by the Hong Kong Productivity Council, about 65 per cent of businesses in Hong Kong would be affected by the millennium bug but only 26 per cent know how to deal with the problem. . . .

Japanese and South Korean officials said that they are happy with action so far by major firms, but admit there is a problem with medium and small-sized companies.

In Australia, officials also say larger companies are mainly on track.


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