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1998-06-09 07:53:33


Real Estate Salesman Says Americans Will Do It!



This stirring prose is made all the more powerful by the constant use of words in all capital letters. It assures us that Americans never fail.

Of course, there's the problem that there are lots of computers outside the U.S. that are not owned and operated by Americans. He does think that Great Britain will make it. As for those others....?

The author of these words is a real estate salesman in Texas.

* * * * * * * * *

In every crisis since the Boston Massacre, Citizens of this Nation have banded together when necessary. THAT is what will happen. NOT "riots in the city" or some scene out of a bad movie shown far too late at night or on Saturday afternoon. Think about what we have EVERY YEAR: Floods, Hurricanes, Fires, Earthquakes (why California is populated at all mystifies me daily) Tornadoes (Local Texas specialty) Drug drive by shootings and on and on..

And what happens every time??? People band together and SET THINGS RIGHT!!! Consider the rescue efforts in Oklahoma City and worry NO MORE.

As for other nations... the U.K. will probably show us all how to do it and stop daily for tea whilst doing so. People will rise to the job while the Fear mongers change their briefs!!


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