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1998-06-09 15:53:35


PC's Will Bite Many Businesses: Bankrupt Customers



This article is a well-written reminder that the y2k problem is not limited to mainframes.

It appeared in COMPUTERWORLD (June 8).

* * * * * * * * *

But let's face it: With less than 19 months left before that ball drops, a lot of people still believe the year 2000 isn't their problem because they use only PCs.

Case in point: According to a recent Gallup poll, 75% of small businesses haven't made any year 2000 repairs yet and 50% don't plan to act any time soon. The poll showed only 6% view the problem as "very serious."

What's wrong with these people? Nothing well, nothing besides misinformation. What they know is what they read in the newpapers. And when a newspaper article says newer PCs are safe, or a Compaq ad claims its computers have no year 2000 problems, they believe it.

Well, fine, you grumble. They're idiots. Come Jan. 1, 2000, their applications will fail and their businesses will collapse. They'll suffer the consequences of their own stupidity, and good riddance. You've got enough grief fixing your own systems to worry about this crowd of dim bulbs right?

Unfortunately, no. Your 21st-century survival depends on them. Because even if you've nailed down every year 2000 issue in your organization, even if you've made sure the vendors and distributors and business partners all up and down your supply chain have cleaned up their acts, on Monday, Jan. 3, 2000, you'll still need customers. . . .

You can help

There are things your organization can do. A customer newsletter is an obvious place to warn of year 2000 risks. And your sales force talks to customers every day; that's a perfect tool to help educate them. Even adding some year 2000 information or links to your company's Web site may be appropriate. . . .

Because what they don't know can hurt you.


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