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1997-06-19 00:00:00


State Governments' Repair Cost (Salaries Only): $75 billion



Steve Davis is the Budget Manager of Montgomery County, Maryland. Under his "Cost Estimates Page" link on his Table of Contents, he has posted Capers Jones' state-by-state estimate of the salary cost of repairing y2k.

He reports that "local governments are doing little to estimate the full impact of the Year 2000." They know only that it is a big problem. But, he says, "I am concerned that we aren't yet aware enough or concerned enough about the problems related to the year 2000 to begin to address them. The Y2k problemis more than a computer problem; it is a serious business crisis bound to create great havoc over the next few years as organizations scramble to cope with both fixing the problem and dealing with the consequences of not fixing them."

Jones has produced a chart of state estimates of the y2k salary costs. It begins with the most expensive estimate, California's, at $9.5 billion, and goes to the lowest: Wyoming, at $136.7 million.


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