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1997-06-24 00:00:00


Mac's or PC's: The Main Problem is Software


PC's are not compliant. Macintoshes are somewhat less likely to fail than PC's, but it's a matter of degree. Here is a posting from Karl Feilder, who specializes in PC's and y2k.

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The recent mailing missed the point and there were even a few non-truths. Much MAC software came from PCs and has exactly the same issues as PC software - for an explanation please see

The misquoted quote : "The MAC and all of it's applications are compliant" from Marburg below is very dangerous simply because it can be misquoted. (No disrespect to the contributor, but please be aware that we have a lot of media people on the list now)

MAC applications and programs are not all compliant and I doubt if they ever will be. I doubt if PC programs will be either.

The key point that we have missed is that any program which accepts input, output, or internally calculates with anything other than YYYY or CCYY may be capable of causing problems in the way that users use it.

Please can we now all move on. MAC hardware may be in better shape than PC hardware (and so is UNIX for that matter), but we all know that a platform is irrelevant with no software. The software is where the bulk of the desktop Y2K problems are.


Karl W. Feilder, Greenwich Mean Time - see us at London, Washington D.C., Melbourne, Johannesburg, Cape Town Dedicated to raising global awareness of PC year 2000 problems.

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