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1997-04-27 00:00:00


6% Have Begun to Fix Their Code (An Overestimate)



This Morgan Stanley report of its survey of 100 people at its y2k conference in Phoenix says that only 6% of the 100 firms surveyed had actually begun fixing code. This was at a conference on y2k, not a random survey. These people had heard of the problem. Yet of these, a mere 29% were in the "awareness" stage, and 24% were doing analysis.

Add 'em up: 59% were doing something. That means that 41% had done nothing other than send someone to the conference.

This survey has to have overestimatefd the percentage of firms that are at the repair stage. It was a skewed sample.

Year 2000-compliance by the year 2000? Don't make me laugh.

Now that I think of it, try to make me laugh. I need a good laugh. (If you do, too, go to and do a search on Hamasaki. Cory Hamasaki is a y2k repair programmer. His postings are very funny. He doresn't think we're going to make it either.)


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