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1997-06-01 00:00:00


Anonymous E-mail



If you would like to have an anonymous e-mail address that is pretty near impossible to track, check out

Here is the great part: It is completely browser driven. This means that you can go down to your local library or wherever there is a computer that will access the Web, and go to directly or through my site. The link below will take you to your account. You only need to remember your ID and password which you give it when you first sign up. You can even have several e-mail accounts if you wish. (I do.)

I would recommend that you create a file on your word processor to list your assumed names and password(s). One way to create a password is to take the first letter in each word of your favorite hymn (but not really popular ones, like "Amazing Grace" and "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God," and then close it with the year of your birth. Or you can use your favorite rock and roll song (except, of course, "Louie, Louie.")

Because it is advertiser-driven, you do not have to pay anything for

I would recommend against using the name of any celebrity or famous person (especially Bozo).

They ask you to fill out information on yourself. Because your self is fictitious, make up something. Use different data for different selves. See if the advertising differs. See how scientific it really is.


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