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1997-07-14 00:00:00


CLOSED FORUM - Physicians



OK, lets's get right to it. Where do you buy your syringes? What are they made of? How much apiece do you pay? How many do you buy at a time?

If the banks close, what would it be worth to your practice to have three dozen glass syringes, a needle sharpener, and a sterilization unit?

How long does anesthetic store? In what?

I have no idea how to practice medicine, circa 1900, but I hope you can find out soon.

Let me tell you the sweetest career story I know of. An new ob/gyn gets offers in $100,000 range, with one exception: $175,000. Nobody wanted the position. It's in a rural state with a backwoods reputation. But it's a university town. Farms are dirt cheap because everyone is dirt poor. Result: no debt, nice farm, great career, and a clientele that will be there even if the banks close. Fathers aren't ready to argue price when wives go into labor. Her main competition will be midwives.

Take away the threat of lawsuits, and you've got the deal of the century. Or the next century, when lawyers will have to find other legal ways to terrorize people into paying them.

Go, thou, and do likewise.

Use this forum to share information on anything: practices that sound bizarre when banks are open, safe places where a physician would be welcomed by all, and strategies for selling "good will" at the top of the market.


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