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1997-07-17 00:00:00


Microcomputer Magazine Says Nobody Knows



WIRED (July 14), a popular, "hip" magazine aimed at microcomputer readers published this article, which quotes some people as saying things will not get too bad, others who say things could get very bad. The author draws no conclusions, except this one: things cannot get really bad.

The article categorically denies that there will be a collapse. "But will those [systems] failures produce the doomsday scenarios that make [a Web discussion forum for mainframe computer programmers who are scared of what's coming] seem like it's moderated by Nostradamus? All signs point to 'No.'"

Whenever you hear anyone say "all signs" or "all the facts," you're listening to rhetoric, not science. I warn you: never base any decision, no matter how trivial, on information that is offered in the name of "all signs" or "all the facts."


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