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1997-07-22 00:00:00


British Businesses Ignore Y2K



COMPUTERWEEKLY NEWS (July 17) reported on the lack of response by 130,000 British firms to inquiries from the government.

"Companies are ignoring a government invitation to outline their strategies for dealing with the year 2000 problem. Former IT minister Ian Taylor wrote to 130,000 chief executives in March, encouraging them to take the millennium issue seriously. This was backed up with a letter published in Computer Weekly explaining the appeal."

The article went on:

"But his Labour successor, John Battle, told a special House of Commons debate on the information society: "I am saddened not to have had many replies. I hope that companies throughout the land will take the issue seriously. If they do not act now, they could pay a high price and be put out of business.'' Liberal Democrat spokesman Nigel Jones agreed, saying, "This is the most serious problem facing business today."


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