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1997-07-22 00:00:00


Outsourcing Repairs? The Door Is Closing


Some firms may hope to farm out their y2k repairs to third parties. That hope will be dead soon. For those who select this option, it will not be cheap.

Users are fast losing the option of buying their way out of the year 2000 date change problem by passing it on as part of an IT outsourcing contract. IBM has warned that it will refuse any outsourcing contracts that involve year 2000 conversion after the end of next year, and EDS has already called a halt to new millennium projects.

Philip Oliver, European director of IBM's year 2000 programme, warned, "By the end of 1997 we won't take on any more large outsourcing contracts where the code is non-year 2000 compliant."

An EDS Spokesman said, "We are not taking on any new business which is purely year 2000 because we must ensure that our existing customers get our resources."

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