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1997-07-28 14:11:50


British Firms Are Way Behind



COMPUTER WEEKLY (Jan. 9, 1997) reports on an IBM study that reveals that Only 61% of companies in Great Britain have planned for y2k, and almost none have actually put their actions plans into operation.

"According to a newly published survey by IDC on behalf of IBM, only 61% of companies in the UK claim to have planned for the year 2000 issue. Of these, most have not even started to put their action plans into practice. The survey also found that it is the bigger organisations, with more than 1,000 employees, which profess most concern about whether their computer systems are year 2000-compliant compared with smaller firms, which appeared more complacent or unaware.

"But smaller companies' complacency is dangerously misplaced. The report warns that small and medium-sized businesses are not only as exposed to the problem as their bigger colleagues, but that they will also affect the fortunes of the large corporations with which they trade commercially. A business that has not ensured that its IT system is year 2000-compliant poses a potentially dire commercial threat to any organisations it interacts with, jeopardising those companies' own IT and business systems and damaging their efforts to be millennium-safe.

"While bigger firms at least seem to be more aware of the problem than their smaller cousins, most have still not acknowledged, let alone started to tackle the threat posed by suppliers and trading partners which are still oblivious to the year 2000 issue. The IDC survey found that 71% of European companies exchange data with outside organisations, but that only 31% of these businesses are collaborating with trade partners on the year 2000 issue."

Also, 90% of the software being sold to large and medium-sized companies is not y2k compliant.


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