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1997-08-06 14:17:16


Not Enough Foreign Programmers to Fix the Problem



There are some firms that expect to be able to hire off-shore programmers at the last minute to fix their systems. A COMPUTERWORLD story (July 14) says that such hopes will fail to come true.

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Don't count on offshore programmers to help you save as much money on year 2000 conversion work as you had hoped.

Costs are likely to increase because the offshore labor pool can't handle the demand, cautioned Howard Rubin, a software researcher and head of the computer science department at Hunter College in New York, in a presentation in May at DCI's Year 2000 Issues and Answers Conference in Boston sponsored by Digital Consulting, Inc.

Rubin said some of the most popular offshore targets India, Canada and Ireland don't have anywhere near the production capacity of the U.S. (Canada has the highest of the three at 9%, India has 5% and Ireland has 2%.)


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