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1997-08-12 10:45:29


35/35 Large Companies: No Y2K Budgets Yet


This is anecdotal evidence. This posting was dated August 11, 1997, and was posted on Peter de Jager's discussion forum on August 12.

Note: this statistic is taken from a highly unrepresentative sample: companies that actually sent representatives to a y2k conference, i.e., companies with some degree of awareness.

* * * * * * * *

I recently (last week) was a speaker at a Y2k training session. 48 representatives of 35 companies were present and came from 3 countries and 5 states. Included were electric companies, hospitals, banks, medical mfg's, land fill mgmt cos., a big stock brokerage -- a good cross section of large companies. Of them all only 7 firms had a Y2k project team; only 3 firms said the board was involved; and NOT ONE had a budget.

One of the key reasons they were their was to get lists of what works and who is compliant and who isn't. A private, off-the-record set of lists got created by the attendees themselves. Why off-the-record? That should be pretty obvious.

By the way -- if I remember my statistics -- the above numbers are not enough to be stastically valid. But what they imply keeps me awake at night.

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