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1997-08-14 11:14:23


North Platte, Nebraska: Will Dick Brich Make It?



This April 29 USA TODAY story tells of Dick Brich's one-man fight to save North Platte from a disaster. I reported on this in a February 24 posting. This is a good summary.

If a small county (under 25,000) has this big a problem, think of Los Angeles County.

My view is: If your county government can't be run by means of 3 by 5 cards in show boxes, it's time to move. Also, your new county had better have a large inventory of cards and boxes.

At the end of this article is a sales pitch for a $15 report. That report is already posted on my site: "One County's Programmer Fights for Its Survival." You can download the report for free.


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