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1997-09-05 08:23:44


More Suggestions for Vendor Inquiry Letter


This was posted on Peter de Jager's forum. It's for businessmen who are concerned about their corporate software, as well they should be.

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1- A large amount of time is needed to identify who to send the letter to. Sending it blindly to the company to the attention of the Year 2000 person, usually gets you nothing. So you have to call and identify the person, also for your own records as well. Some people even send them registered mail so that they have proof that the other person received them.

2 - We identify in the letter the products that we know of that the customer uses and ask for confirmation of this.

3 - We ask when they will be compliant

4 - We ask how they will be compliant, upgrade that is free, upgrade that is purchased, patch, new product.

5 - We ask what method they used, windowing, date expension.

6 - We ask that they respond in writing, we do not visit websites to obtain this information. By putting it in writing the company is standing by its product.

7 - We have date that they have to respond by. Failure to respond by that date, means that there products will be removed and deemed to be replaceable. A follow up phone call is made to ensure that there is no response.

Good luck

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