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1997-09-10 13:11:10


80% of Y2K Repair Firms Have Excess Capacity



This late in the process, some 80% of all y2k firms surveyed say they still are not booked up. This means that U.S. businesses have still not got the picture. They are still in denial.

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Over 80 percent of survey respondents told ITAA that they do not have all the Y2K business they can handle. Sixty-two percent of companies in the survey said they do not expect to be turning away new Y2K business by January 1998. Forty-six percent said that customers are not moving quickly enough to "lock up" market resources. Thirty-nine percent of companies say they are not meeting their Y2K sales and revenue projections. Despite a slow to coalesce marketplace, 82 percent of those surveyed say they expect to add additional Y2K capacity in the next six months.


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