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1997-09-19 13:10:40


Way, Way Behind at DoD



TECH WIRE (Sept. 16) reports on the potential Federal meltdown in 2000. Its report on the military is especially disturbing.

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Recently, DOD has reported that of its 13,897 systems inventoried, more than 8,000 are still in assessment, more than 1,500 are scheduled for or undergoing repair, 189 are validated but not certified, and more than 1,100 will be eliminated before the year 2000, [Richard] Nunno says.

The DOD is particularly concerned about its Global Positioning System, a geostationary satellite system that provides position and velocity information for many military and civilian aircraft, including missiles, and ground vehicles. Malfunctioning of this satellite system could cause a loss of control of these vehicles and systems, Nunno says.


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