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1997-09-19 16:30:17


Navy Says Y2K Could Become Catastrophic



The Department of the Navy has a y2k Web site. In an August 29 posting, we read:

* * * * * * *

This problem stems from the use of a two-digit date in many computer programs, computer systems, and embedded computer devices. At the turn of the century, some computer systems will think that the year is 1900 instead of 2000. This will cause systems to incorrectly calculate data or to fail completely. During a recent test, a command and control system failed when the date was rolled over to the Year 2000. This is a very serious problem. Since the problem is known, it can be remedied before the results are catastrophic or significant, if action is taken now. . . .

Y2K fixes must be deployed in Calendar Year (CY) 1998, if at all possible. Other enhancements are to be delayed and funds diverted to accomplish the CY 98 deployment.


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