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1997-09-20 17:49:48


The Embedded Chip Problem: Personal Testimony



On September 19, Steve Heller attended a y2k meeting in Dallas. Speaking was a y2k test manager for the holding company of regional electrical utilities. Heller says he had this exchange during the meeting. It related to embedded chips: the coded microprocessors built into the systems.

* * * * * * * * *

Q: What are you doing about your embedded systems exposure?

A: We have just begun the assessment phase for our embedded systems exposure. Every piece of equipment that has a microprocessor in it will have to be tested and possibly fixed. We don't know how big a task this will be yet, because we haven't finished the assessment phase.

Q: But why didn't you start the embedded systems work first? What good will it do you if you get every business system fixed but you can't generate or distribute power?

A: We can't figure that out either.


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