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1997-09-24 16:13:57


Los Angeles Schools: An Extra $30 to $52 Million


The LA public schools are in big trouble: over 25 million lines of noncompliant code. The bill to fix this is over $30 million -- possibly over $50 million. This report appeared in THE STATE NEWSPAPER, Columbia, South Carolina (Sept. 19).

* * * * * *

"If the job isn't completed well before the year 2000, we will be in big trouble," [computer officer John] Nagata said. "Disastrous things could happen."

Left alone, these programs would create havoc with payroll, pensions, student records -- even elevators. . . .

County official Fullinwider was surprised that the district has yet to begin its programming work.

"The boat sailed 18 months ago," [Jon] Fullinwider said. "Already, substantial work should have started. It's going to get very, very expensive as businesses go into panic mode."

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