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1997-09-25 10:10:24


Australia's Computer Experts Ignore Y2K


Karl Vogel posted a grim report on Peter de Jager's forum. The folks in charge of computer technology applications in Australia are a tad behind.

As you read this, bear in mind that the Gartner Group estimates that Australia is the most advanced nation on earth in its y2k repair status -- ahead of the U.S., Canada, and Britain. (Story in COMPUTERWORLD, Sept. 24.)

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The on-line proceedings for the Eighth Australasian Conference on Information Systems (ACIS'97) are available on the conference web-site:

One of the papers dealt with a CEO view of the key issues facing Australian Information Systems Management. The data came from a postal survey of the CEOs of the top 500 Australasian organizations in Feb/Mar 1997. 33 organizations responded.

A search for the words "millennium", "y2k", "date", and "2000" came up empty. A list of the 31 issues deemed most important made no mention of Y2K at all. The closest item was "management of legacy applications", which isn't all that close. It was also deemed "non-critical".

-- Karl Vogel ASC/YCOA, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433

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