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1997-09-25 10:25:13


One-Fifth of Britain's Systems May Go Down



This is really scary. I hope someone has made a seriously inaccurate estimate. This rate of failure would paralyze any economy. Remember, this is dealing only with embedded chips. Add to it all failures from bad programs.

The organization making the estimate looks reputable.

The article apperared in COMPUTERWEEKLY NEWS (Sept. 25).

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One in five embedded systems responsible for running critical processes in UK oil, petrochemical, power and aviation manufacturing firms will fail in the year 2000.

Applications at risk include key safety systems such as those to detect fires. This alarming finding is contained in a report by Glasgow-based Real Time Engineering which was commissioned last month by the Health and Safety Executive. Nearly a fifth of the 150 embedded systems Real Time Engineering identified as being business-critical failed year 2000 tests.


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