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1997-09-25 11:00:29


30% of Companies Have Not Addressed Y2K -- Gartner



The Gartner Group estimates that 30% of companies have not even begun to work on y2k. This is now late September, 1997. The story appeared in COMPUTERWORLD (Sept. 24).

Note: Capers Jones' paper says that if an organization is not at the code repair stage in October, 1997, it will not finish by 2000.

Note also that in the depths of the Great Depression, 25% of the U.S. work force was unemployed. And the government was still open for anti-business.

* * * * * * *

The findings, announced in a teleconference today by Gartner Group, Inc., are based on surveys and interviews with 2,300 companies, institutions and government agencies across 17 countries. . . .

[Lou] Marcoccio points to a large U.S. automobile manufacturer he spoke to last week, which relies on several component makers -- and none them have done any year 2000 work yet. Marcoccio said the component makers have time-sensitive scheduling and production systems which, if left untreated, will disrupt the development and delivery of parts to the automaker, which doesn't have any alternative suppliers.


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