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1997-09-26 08:31:21


Y2K News Travels Slowly


I received this letter on Sept. 25.

* * * * * * * *

I travel on business, working with schools. I am in Boyne City, Michigan. At dinner this evening, I talked with two people from schools here, and with their spouses. The wife of the principal works in mid-level managment for a bank and had never heard about Y2000. The husband of the assistant principal works as a process control engineer for a plant operated by American Standard. He had never heard about Y2000, but while we talked, he remembered news stories about the nuclear power plant located close by -- something about how the operators had wanted to shut it down by 2000 and they were happy the job was completed early. He had wondered why the authorities wanted to shut down the plant by 2000.

News travels slowly.

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